Rice and Restaurants

Autori: Piero Antolini Eurosia Zuccolo Enrico Villa Nichi Stefi
Editore: Ente Nazionale Risi
Anno: 1989

First of all it is necessary to dislodge some commonly held ideas and prejudices: the combination of wine with food is not the result of obscure bodies deciding secretly for mysterious reasons which wine goes with what food. Many people, and very often, consider the coupling of wine and food an unnecessary and incomprehensible act, more of a smoke screen created by pompous and inflated restaurateurs, leading to a rebellion, or at the very least, an obstinacy against the rigid «say so» of the wine waiter. And in fact sommelliers, specialist journalists, oenological consultants, cooks and restaurateurs are all very often responsible for two opposite excesses: the excessive generality of white wine = fish, aperitif = champagne, undoubtedly true but not exclusively so; the excessively refined but virtually impractical match of «toma di Beppe Borgatta» with «Barbaresco cru Marcorino '78» served at 19°C. A combination is however, the fruit of a technique of successive approx- imations, each one more precise and stimulating than the precedent without meaning that this was in some way wrong.